Should you follow trends?

Should you follow trends?

Hey Guys!

How are you doing? A couple of weeks ago I was doing some shopping on ASOS. I mostly bought some basic navy and black sweaters and jeans but I also added a burgundy corduroy overshirt into my basket (I will link it below). I didn’t even think about it that much until I actually received my order. Corduroy, velour, and cable knit are on trend right now along with colours like burgundy, moss green, and camel and no matter which retailer you shop at, whether online or offline, you will find these types of fabrics and colours. But back to the story. I tried the overshirt and it was actually really nice but I couldn’t help myself because I realised that I used to hate corduroy. The last time I had something made out of that fabric was 15 years ago when my Mom got me a pair of trousers and I hated it. So I asked myself the question. – Do I like it because it is on trend?

Following this chain of thoughts, I just sat down and started to think about trends. Are we obliged to follow the trends of the seasons? I didn’t really get to a conclusion so I decided to wear the overshirt the next day. The next day when I was on my way to uni I saw about 10-13 men wearing similar burgundy jackets and overshirts and all of those pieces were corduroys. I actually felt a bit weird, to be honest. When I finally saw my friends, I received a lot of compliments that I looked good, the shirt is amazing and all that stuff. So yeah, I guess if we seek the approval of others, following the trends is a way of getting that but I was not seeking anyone’s approval. I am pretty confident about my style and what I put on each day even if someone doesn’t like it. I just simply don’t care. When I got home, I looked at the shirt and I was like, yeah, this actually looks good but you won’t see me walking on the streets wearing corduroy trousers.

You might be thinking, okay so what do I make out of this post? I think the answer is pretty clear. Ask yourself who are you dressing for. Are you dressing for yourself, your friends, or your partner? When you have the answer, you can make the decisions when you are shopping. Please note, there’s nothing wrong with following or not following the trends, I was just simply curious. If the trend matches your individual preferences, go for it and if not, you know what they say –c’est la vie. 

The below links are for some corduroy shirts that I think are good. I do own products from those brands, and I will always recommend items from brands that I know.

ASOS – 28£Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 14.50.28


Mr.Porter (Folk) – 135£

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 14.54.50


Uniqlo – 24.90£

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 14.55.41

See you soon,



New Gear from Japan

New Gear from Japan

Hey everyone! How are you doing?

Sorry for the missed Mondays post but I was at Sziget festival and I actually tried to take pictures there, but they are way too blurry. Today I decided to show you guys the stuff that I got from Japan. It has been a while since I talked about fashion. Now, here I only show two out of the 4 pieces because I am planning an outfit with the rest. They’ll look better that way. But you can already see that the clothes I got are black. I know, where is the colour? I am all about colour and I try to not to wear black. I think people especially in the fashion industry, tend to wear black a lot more. I mean it always looks good, it makes you look thinner etc.

But the reason behind my shopping is that I was actually missing some basic stylish pieces. If you look at my wardrobe, you are going to see colours and patterns but besides black jeans and chinos, I don’t even have a black shirt. I just realised that.


Givenchy leather sneakers

ng 2


Leather sneakers have become an essential wardrobe piece throughout the years. All the brands from high street to luxury have them in their collections. Black or white it doesn’t really matter. They are stylish and very versatile. You can dress these down and up as well. I went for Givenchy because they do have many options in terms of sneakers. They do have these with a white sole too and if you choose white leather, you can play with the heel tab colours. I think the options were, blue, white and red.


Bottega Veneta leather bracelet


ng 5

ng 6

I am not really a mens jewellery guy. Especially not silver and gold, but I always liked leather bracelets, so I finally decided to get one. And where to go for leather? Why not Bottega Veneta? They are still a luxury brand with their signature knotted leather accessories. Of course, this brand is also a pricey one.

If you don’t have the resources or you are just not willing to spend too much on leather jewellery, I would go with Fossil. A lot of my friends (guys and girls as well) do have leather accessories from Fossil, and it is a very good brand.

The other two products that you can actually see in the first picture are a Comme des Garcons bag and a kimono robe. These will be featured in my future outfit post probably next week.

Hope all is good and everyone is enjoying the week.

See you on Saturday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

Catching up with the SS18 menswear collections – Milan

Hey Guys! How are you doing?

Finally, I’m back on track with the posts and I will do my best to schedule them ahead to avoid another missed post. (You remember last week, right?)

Today it is all about the menswear collections at the Milan fashion week. Let’s starts.


I have mixed emotions about Prada. First of all the setting was very interesting. It felt like being in a comic book. I love the fact that even the ground was a part of it as well. In terms of clothes, there are pieces that I love and there are pieces which I hate. I think the printed shirts are super fun with the comic prints as well and the knee high socks. But then there’s the other part of the collection. Jumpsuits, why? I don’t really want to expand on this because this will turn into an essay and we don’t want that. Let’s just say that I think male jumpsuits can only be worn by a certain amount of guys who have the body to pull that off.

click here for the show.



Versace had such a nice young cool energy. The show was at the Versace palace in Milan and it was essential Versace. I love the fact that pink is still rocking as one of the colour trends, and this means it will stick around for a while. The printed T-shirts that are coming back with the brand name on them look so fun. Also, the colour palette of the collection is great with the soft pastel colours but then you can find bright reds as well. It really feels like the “energy of today”.

click here for the show.


Salvatore Ferragamo

Pastels and neutrals, summer colours. The collection was okay. One thing I liked particularly is the huge variety of wide-cut shorts.

click here for the show.



The title that I would give for this collection is order in the chaos. There was a lot of things going on. Different cuts, patterns, shapes, and colours. It is like each look was super individual but when put next to each other, it still felt right. Great job and congratulations to Francesco Risso – this was his second show as the new creative director for Marni.

click here for the show.


There you go guys. Any thoughts on the Milan collections?

See you on Wednesday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

London Fashion Week Mens

Hey guys! How are you doing?

Today we are talking about the London Fashion Week Mens that happened recently. First of all, where was my invitation? Just kidding. To be serious, I am very glad that LFWM is growing year to year. This was the events 5th anniversary and finally, they started calling it LFWM. Before it was London Collections or something like that. Now a lot of designers showcased their collections but I’m only covering Oliver Spencer, Vivienne Westwood, and Kent and Curwen. If you want to see more, go and check out the LFWM website.


Oliver Spencer

Now I am not a big fan of suiting I have to be honest, but this collection was so enjoyable. Oliver Spencer is known to have classic pieces that will always be relevant and this show was no different. Blazers, tailored shorts, stripes, and checks, YES! The best pieces are the peachy trousers and jacket. Check out the collection here.


Vivienne Westwood

After her return to showcase in London, the queen of punk is killing it to me every season. In terms of colour, a lot of whites and blues, which is ok since this was the SS18 collection. The setting, a playground, the music, two guys playing the piano and the guitar. The clothes were essential Vivienne with a message -Buy less, choose well, make it last. She is an important pioneer of sustainability and environmental issues and always makes a statement with her shows. Great work! – watch the show here


Kent & Curwen

I think Kent & Curwen is getting better and better every year since David Beckham joined as a creative lead in 2015. Also, recent news say that a new flagship will open at Covent Garden this fall. This brand is a brand that has strong British Heritage, classic styling, and a great quality, but let’s talk about the show. The English rose had appeared on several pieces, I assume to highlight the brand’s roots and heritage. The collection overall was fun and I think the designs were aimed at the younger customer base as well. My favourite pieces are the sweater with the stripes, and the red jacket with the English rose. Check out the collection here.


That’s it for today. What do you think about the collections?

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.


Fashion magazines I read

Fashion magazines I read

Hey everyone! Are you ready to start the week?


Today we are talking about fashion magazines. To be exact, the fashion magazines I like to read. Let’s start.


British Vogue

We all know that Vogue is the fashion bible and somehow even if you don’t like it, you will have a couple of issues. Vogue focuses really on high-fashion, trends, celebrities. Sometimes you can get more artsy articles but these are not the focus. It’s got good editorial and I just like to read the articles when I have some free time. It is heavy on advertising, but which magazine is not.


British GQ

I would say that GQ is the fashion bible for men, at least that’s what I think. It is not just about fashion though. You get place recommendations, workout tips, style advice, technology,  and politics. That’s the only downside of the magazine to me, sometimes it is heavy on politics, but I just skip those articles. I really enjoy reading the Karma policeman articles. These articles are fairly new I think but they are discussing themes that are taboo to most men. For example in the July articles title is – Is it wrong to go on a protest march to find a girlfriend?



Dazed is aimed more towards the youth. There is a lot of androgyny going on in terms of representations, but I think Dazed actually broke a lot of gender stereotypes throughout the years. Inside the magazine, you will find fashion, culture, and arts. They also have a more artistic approach towards fashion, which I like.


i – D

Actually i – D is pretty similar to Dazed in my opinion. They cover fashion, music, culture, and arts. They also have that artsy approach towards fashion. One thing probably that I notice is that they rather represent gender in a more traditional way. There is some gender bending, but there is more in Dazed.


There you go guys. These are the magazines that I usually go for. Tell me which magazines do you like? There are so many out there.

I will be back on Wednesday with another recipe.

See you,

The Fashion Eclectic.

Got some new goods

Hey, Guys! How are you doing?


Today I am here to show you my new wardrobe pieces for summer. Summer is just around the corner and even here in London, the weather is amazing. A week ago when the warm weather started to kick in, I realised that I don’t have any summer clothes. I didn’t have shorts at all. I usually go home for the summer to visit my family and friends but now my university term is a bit longer. So, I went to look at ASOS and Mr.Porter (this is where I usually do my shopping) to get some stuff. Here’s what I got.

new stuff

Stüssy – £180 – from Mr.Porter

I know that having florals for warm weather is a groundbreaking idea, but yes, I do love florals, and I think this year’s trends very much support having prints, patterns etc. in your wardrobe. I absolutely love this shirt and its material is very interesting. It is made out of rayon and its touch is so unique.


new stuff 2

Small floral print shorts £25 – ASOS

Another floral print piece. These are just some fun tailored shorts. Good for the beach or to the park. Super comfy.


new stuff 3

Palm print jersey shorts £18 – ASOS

A pink palm print jersey short. Probably this one is my favourites. Guys, do not be afraid of wearing pink. It is so two thousand whatsoever to say that pink is for girls. Mr.Porter has a whole edit on wearing pink. Go and check it out, I will link it below.

That’s it for today, I hope you will be inspired and get something nice for yourselves.

See you on Wednesday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

Click here for Mr.Porters pink edit.

What about espadrilles?

What about espadrilles?

Hey everyone! How are you doing?


Today I thought I talk about espadrilles. Espadrilles have been around for hundreds of years. They acted as footwear for peasants, and now all the brands out there have them in their Spring/Summer collections. They are usually made of cotton, canvas fabric and their sole is made out of a rope called “esparto”. But are they worth the price?


Personally, I love espadrilles. They are comfortable, look good so they are a perfect choice for summer. The only problem you should be concerned about is the sole. If it gets wet, it will start to fall apart. Now the two espadrilles you see on the picture are from Jimmy Choo and YSL. I got them last year around May and I wore them all through last years summer. They were quite pricey but I really wanted to try designer espadrilles compared to fast fashion ones.


They certainly look better, but no matter what the price, the sole will be a problem if you do not pay attention. I am planning to get a new pair and I’ve found this Spanish brand called Castañer –

They make footwear for men and women as well, and their pricing is not that bad either. Hopefully, they will be worth the price.

My advice to you is that try espadrilles but don’t go for the most expensive ones if it’s your first time. A lot of my  friends complain when they buy a pair of expensive espadrilles and they end up ruined that they are not worth the price. Like I said, you should look after these types of footwear.

There you go guys, What are your thoughts on espadrilles?

See you on Wednesday,

The Fashion Eclectic.