Why I’m Not Talking About Haute Couture?

Why I’m Not Talking About Haute Couture?

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First of all, I know I said that I’m going to do two more posts about vocabulary but when I finished my research, I said – I don’t think this is needed.- Everyone knows what stilettoes and brogues are (hopefully). But one of my friends asked the question – Are you writing any posts on haute couture?- and my answer was no and here’s why.

Let me start off by telling you why I write about fashion shows. I write my reviews about the fashion shows because I feel confident and qualified enough to make opinions. I have been following ready to wear shows for about ten years, and when I got into uni, I also conducted a lot of research about the brands I am making those reactions about. With this in mind, I feel confident enough to make statements about the collections, but haute couture is a whole different story to me.

The first time I encountered this term was three years ago and when I heard it, I immediately hit the internet and to be honest, there was not much about it. Yes, there was all the information why haute couture is haute couture and the characteristics about it, but I don’t think three years is enough experience to make any conclusions about the collections and I want to be a 100% sure that when I post something here, it should represent how I truly think and feel about it. So yeah, that pretty much sums it up. However, I did ask some of my friends who do follow haute couture shows and their opinions were divergent.

They said that the previous haute couture shows were much better and this season the best show was Ralph and Russo and the most boring was Chanel. Their words, not mine. But I decided to dig a bit deeper into the history of haute couture so maybe you’ll see some of my thoughts on the upcoming seasons. Anyways, do you follow haute couture shows or you are more just a ready to wear person?

Hope all is good and see you next week,


Fashion Vocabulary 101

Fashion Vocabulary 101

Hey Guys!

Today I have decided to write a post on some of the terms used in the fashion industry that may be confusing to someone who is not that involved on a day-to-day basis. The reason for this is because when I was looking up these terms years ago I couldn’t find a collective page and let us be honest, no one wants to open 10 pages when you just want to look up something. The original post got so long, so I decided to break it down to three. This is the first one and is all about “general” terms, then the upcoming ones will be about menswear and womenswear products.

Haute Couture

Haute Couture can be translated to high-fashion. This term usually indicates clothes that are made by hand from start to finish using very delicate materials. Back in the day, a lot of brands had haute couture collections, but today there are still some brands doing them like Dior and Chanel.


Pret-a-porter means ready to wear. These are the S/S or A/W collections we see on the runway usually 6 months in advance. Ready to wear products are still made out of quality materials but they are more accessible than haute couture because if one wants to have an haute couture dress, they would have to go to the atelier and take their measurements, so the product is made individually for the client. With ready to wear, you just have to go to a luxury retailer.

Resort/Cruise collection

This indicates the collections in-between the ready to wear ones. Originally it was for wealthy customers who went on holidays to countries where the weather was warm during winter.


This term marks the garments that hit the stores when the summer heat is over but the autumn collections are still in the making.

Fast fashion

Fast fashion is a term used for retailers who make products that are cost-efficient but still responding to trends. This usually follows the idea that customers want high-quality products but with low prices. Most of the retailers will fall into this category like H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo.

High-street retailer

High-street means the same thing as fast fashion. Mainly it is used in the UK but I still wanted to mention it cause I am using this term a lot.


That is it for today. I hope you find this useful and see you next week,



Catching up with the SS18 menswear collections – Milan

Hey Guys! How are you doing?

Finally, I’m back on track with the posts and I will do my best to schedule them ahead to avoid another missed post. (You remember last week, right?)

Today it is all about the menswear collections at the Milan fashion week. Let’s starts.


I have mixed emotions about Prada. First of all the setting was very interesting. It felt like being in a comic book. I love the fact that even the ground was a part of it as well. In terms of clothes, there are pieces that I love and there are pieces which I hate. I think the printed shirts are super fun with the comic prints as well and the knee high socks. But then there’s the other part of the collection. Jumpsuits, why? I don’t really want to expand on this because this will turn into an essay and we don’t want that. Let’s just say that I think male jumpsuits can only be worn by a certain amount of guys who have the body to pull that off.

click here for the show.



Versace had such a nice young cool energy. The show was at the Versace palace in Milan and it was essential Versace. I love the fact that pink is still rocking as one of the colour trends, and this means it will stick around for a while. The printed T-shirts that are coming back with the brand name on them look so fun. Also, the colour palette of the collection is great with the soft pastel colours but then you can find bright reds as well. It really feels like the “energy of today”.

click here for the show.


Salvatore Ferragamo

Pastels and neutrals, summer colours. The collection was okay. One thing I liked particularly is the huge variety of wide-cut shorts.

click here for the show.



The title that I would give for this collection is order in the chaos. There was a lot of things going on. Different cuts, patterns, shapes, and colours. It is like each look was super individual but when put next to each other, it still felt right. Great job and congratulations to Francesco Risso – this was his second show as the new creative director for Marni.

click here for the show.


There you go guys. Any thoughts on the Milan collections?

See you on Wednesday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

London Fashion Week Mens

Hey guys! How are you doing?

Today we are talking about the London Fashion Week Mens that happened recently. First of all, where was my invitation? Just kidding. To be serious, I am very glad that LFWM is growing year to year. This was the events 5th anniversary and finally, they started calling it LFWM. Before it was London Collections or something like that. Now a lot of designers showcased their collections but I’m only covering Oliver Spencer, Vivienne Westwood, and Kent and Curwen. If you want to see more, go and check out the LFWM website.


Oliver Spencer

Now I am not a big fan of suiting I have to be honest, but this collection was so enjoyable. Oliver Spencer is known to have classic pieces that will always be relevant and this show was no different. Blazers, tailored shorts, stripes, and checks, YES! The best pieces are the peachy trousers and jacket. Check out the collection here.


Vivienne Westwood

After her return to showcase in London, the queen of punk is killing it to me every season. In terms of colour, a lot of whites and blues, which is ok since this was the SS18 collection. The setting, a playground, the music, two guys playing the piano and the guitar. The clothes were essential Vivienne with a message -Buy less, choose well, make it last. She is an important pioneer of sustainability and environmental issues and always makes a statement with her shows. Great work! – watch the show here


Kent & Curwen

I think Kent & Curwen is getting better and better every year since David Beckham joined as a creative lead in 2015. Also, recent news say that a new flagship will open at Covent Garden this fall. This brand is a brand that has strong British Heritage, classic styling, and a great quality, but let’s talk about the show. The English rose had appeared on several pieces, I assume to highlight the brand’s roots and heritage. The collection overall was fun and I think the designs were aimed at the younger customer base as well. My favourite pieces are the sweater with the stripes, and the red jacket with the English rose. Check out the collection here.


That’s it for today. What do you think about the collections?

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.


The cruise/resort collections part 2

Hey everyone! How is your weekend going?


Today it is time for another cruise/resort review. In the past weeks, many brands showcased their collections but I am not covering all of them because there are brands that I’m not following. So below you will find Gucci, Oscar de la Renta,  and Valentino. Enjoy the reading.


Oscar de la Renta – Resort 2018

Oscar de la Renta had its collection in New York at a roof garden. The collection was so optimistic. Palm and floral prints, navy and black, a little bit of everything for everyone. Not so many looks but the diversity of the clothes got me engaged. Congratulations to Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the new creative directors of the brand.

Click here for the collection


Gucci – Resort 2018

Ever since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of the brand, I am always amazed by the collections. They are so romantic and fun. You get tons of different materials, prints, and of course colours everywhere. My absolute favourites are the snake print pieces. These have been around in the previous collections as well but now Michele made it more fun with phrases like Guccification and Guccify yourself. Probably this resonates more with the younger demographic of the customers. Nice work.

Click here for the collection.


Valentino – Cruise 2018

Now I am not a big follower of Valentino but I wanted to mention this collection because of the activewear looks. The collection had dresses, coats etc. but you could see activewear too. It was not activewear oriented like Prada was, but I have the feeling that there is a new era emerging, which is luxury activewear. Right now we can only guess these ideas but I am pretty sure we will find the answers in the upcoming seasons.

Click here for the collection.


That’s it for today guys. What are your thoughts on the collections?

See you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

The Cruise/Resort Collections

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well and ready for this cruise/resort collection review. As I mentioned last week, I waited for some other cruise/resort collections to happen so that I could write a bit longer post this time. Let’s get down to it.


First things first, Prada Resort 2018. The show took place at the Fondazione Prada’s new space that exhibits photography in Milan. When I saw the collection, I said – This does not look like a typical cruise/resort collection that I am used to seeing. This is because a cruise/resort collection is about leisure, with that in mind, you won’t expect to see models walking down the catwalk in activewear. This collection was heavy on modern sportswear, but what I liked is the let’s call it original Prada fabric, the nylon. This sort of gave me some nostalgia when I first saw the iconic nylon bags in a Prada store.  This time, this material was used to create tops and bottoms as well. It is not a usual cruise/resort collection but probably that’s what it’s going to make it memorable.

Click here if you want to watch the show.



I am always excited to see what the next theme for a Chanel show is going to be. The official name of this cruise/resort show – that was held at the Grand Palais in Paris – was The Modernity of Antiquity. The setting looked like a remain of an ancient greek temple. The collection featured all sorts of pieces from pants, skirts, jumpsuits, tunics and I could go on and on listing the silhouettes and materials as well. The show featured 85 different looks so there was a lot of processing while I watched it. The ancient greek and mythological references came through but you could still feel the modern vibe as well. Way to go, Chanel, can’t wait to see the next one.

Click here for the show



Now I was curious what we’re going to see with Dior, because this was the first cruise collection of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the new creative director of the brand, and as I was expecting a lot of people had objections with the collection. Some comments were made that it looks like the Chanel Dallas show or that actually there is nothing Dior about it. Honestly, when a new creative director is appointed, you will see some changes in the designs. You can see it with Balenciaga and Gucci as well, so just give yourself a brake. As a new creative director, you would want to reshape the brand a bit. The theme of the wild west and the native prints actually looked great I think, but we’ll see how Chiuri will do with the upcoming collections.

Click here for the show



When I found out the show was going to be in Japan, I already knew this is going to be great, because I am a huge fan of Japan as Nicholas Chesquiere is. The show was at the Miho Museum near Kyoto. There were lots of Japanese references like traditional prints, kabuki illustrations, and some samurai heads combined with the iconic LV monogram, leather and leopard prints. This collection is my absolute favourite at the moment. A great work.

Click here for the show.


That’s it for today, please do comment and share. What are your thoughts about the shows?

See you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.