Burberry February 2018 – Christopher Bailey’s last show

Burberry February 2018 – Christopher Bailey’s last show

Hey Guys!

Sorry for not posting on Friday but I was waiting for the LFW to start and especially for the Burberry show. Now before I start breaking down the show, I have to mention that Burberry has always been one of my favourite brands since I started to show interest in the fashion world and I also encourage you to watch the show cause I still don’t have pictures of it, so just click here.

Okay, first things first let us talk about the setting. The show was at a big warehouse and it was pretty dark. There were lights hanging from the ceiling and when the song Memories started playing, the lights began to move. I am pretty sure this was already a sign that the theme of the show will be about time, memories, and nostalgia. They managed to do this in a great way by playing with the lights and it created a sort of mystical vibe.

Then the models started walking around the runway and as I mentioned in my previous posts, Burberry is one of the brands that show its menswear and womenswear collections together. There was a lot going on but that is normal cause if you spend 17 years at a fashion house, there is a plenty of products to bring back especially if you are looking back at your work as a creative person. The collection was quite similar to the previous ones but there were “classic” products a bit reimagined like the iconic trench coat, the check print that got a very bad reputation because of the chavs, and I liked that there was a lot of colour going on.

Also, there was another important theme incorporated into this show and that is the LGBTQ flag. From bags, hats, scarves, and basically, most of the products featured the colours of the LGBTQ flag which I think was great and also it was a very personal reference to Bailey itself being an openly gay man. But before I move onto my final thoughts, I have to mention a couple of objections cause this is a place where we talk about the positive and negative as well.

I was missing the live performance. There were plenty of shows and especially with Burberry where live performance was a crucial and fun element. Even in their Regents street flagship store, they used to have concerts and they gave the opportunity to many British singers and bands to show their talents. The second issue is not just about Burberry, it is rather about the whole LFW. The representation of the body is still not ideal. We just have to look at NYFW and how democratic and inclusive it is becoming in terms of size and age, and I am still missing that here.

But I know these things will change soon. The show ended with Bailey walking out receiving a standing ovation and even though Don’t leave me this way was playing, it was a happy ending. Can’t wait to see what is next for Burberry and Christopher Bailey as well.

See you next week,



When in London – Do’s and Don’ts

When in London – Do’s and Don’ts

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post is a bit different and the reason for that is because I have encountered so many aggravating practices and I just have to talk about them. So this is a post for all my fellow Londoners and people who are planning to visit the city and hopefully it will make everyone’s life easier.

First of all, these are not just “in my opinion cases” but they are also not strict rules.

Walking around

London is a beautiful city to just walk around in. The architecture is great, you can take lots of pictures and it is best to explore it while the sun is shining. But London is a huge city, and with that comes the enormous population which is constantly growing. Also, we as Londoners are always in a hurry, but who isn’t nowadays? And I can tell definitely there is nothing worse than encountering a group of people (tourists or not tourists) who just wander around in zig-zags and you basically have to plan everything strategically in order to somehow get ahead of them. So my advice is, please pay attention to your surroundings.

Public Transport

Let us start with the escalators. I think the rule on how to take the escalators is pretty much the same as in any other city. Stand on the right side or walk on the left side oh and do not block the left side of the escalator especially during the rush hour.

When taking the tube or a bus, please take off your backpack and hold it in your hand. Most of the people do it but sometimes there’s always that one person who thinks they will be rebellious or something and you know what, when there’s space to do it, be my guest. But if the space is getting more crowded, just take it off.

Bumping into someone

Just say sorry, that’s all it takes.


When you see a queue forming, do not jump ahead. It is very rude and annoying. Get in line.

Covent Garden and  Leicester Square

This is a classic but still, taking the tube between Covent Garden and Leicester square is like ordering a taxi and telling the driver to take you down the street for 300 metres, literally.

Carrying your personal items

I’d suggest avoiding having anything in your back pocket cause there are pickpockets throughout the city, especially at popular places.


I know this might sound like a post against tourists but it is not. I love seeing how everyone tries to get the best shot of themselves while standing on the pavement on Regent Street, I like it when people are amused by the architecture, and it is very good to know that London is a destination where people want to come, so everyone is welcome here, just a bit more attention is required and everything will be easier.

See you next week,