Magazine Publishing

Currently, I am a Master of Arts student in magazine publishing at the London College of Communication. The course is structured to provide a holistical insight into the world of publishing and shine light on issues the magazine industry is facing with the continual digitisation of media.

The course is quite project based and we are not just focusing on print publishing but also digital, podcasting, and content creation.

Creepy Ramen Project

This project was an interesting one. We wanted to gather urban legends and creepy stories around London that originated from different countries or the UK. Also, we realised that when it comes to publishing anthology stories, the product is not that visual and imitates the format of a book and we wanted to experiment with this idea. The publication has a lot of features a magazine would have but in fact it is not a magazine nor a book. It really falls between the two categories.

The name Creepy Ramen comes from the combination of two ideas. The term “creepy” relates back to creepypasta stories and marks the contents of the publication and well, ramen is ramen. The concept of Creepy Ramen is that you are slurping the creepy stories while you are reading them and since a ramen is not just pleasing to taste but to look at it as well, we wanted to achieve the same with the finished product.

Creepy Ramen Cover Download the file here. Redistribution of any of the contents requires permission from the Creepy Ramen team  Creepy_Ramen_Final_02

Making Connections – Publishing Conference


The Making Connections conference was organised by the MA Publishing cohort to start discussions about the relationships between readers and publishers and whether these connections can be useful to improve future practices.

I was an editor for this project and it required me to create a divergent arsenal of copy targeted at various audiences. Also, making sure that all the text and visual messages were cohesive and understandable.

The conference in terms of engagement and attendance was a success so Karma Cola reached out to us that they would like to sponsor the event which was a great feedback.

MAKERVERSITY Zine Project at Somerset House 

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 13.18.51

Makerversity is all about supporting makers and creative businesses in city centres. Their activities involve workshops, creative spaces, and education. As a part of the earth weekend, they held an exhibition on fashion sustainability and the textile industry called;

Progress to process: Interwoven Exploring the future
of textile design with Makerversity

and the publishing department at LCC was asked to produce a zine about the event. On this project, my role was to be a project manager and I was in charge of budgeting, devising content gathering strategies, editing and production as well. Please view the finished pdf file here. Makerversity zine

Spread The Word Podcast – The London Short Prize

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The London Short Story Prize is Spread the Word’s annual prize for talented London short story writers. The Prize’s aim is to find the best short stories from writers in the capital.

Spread The Word annually collaborates with the MA Publishing cohort to produce a podcast with the winner and the 2 highly commended writers of the prize. I was very pleased that I had the chance to talk to Emma Hutton, one of the highly commended writers about her life in London and her story; Dead Shark. 

Please follow the link to access all the episodes of the podcasts