Fashion and Business

I have a Bachelor of Arts, Upper Second Class Honours Degree in fashion management which I have acquired by studying at the London College of Fashion which was placed fourth out of 50 universities on the Global Fashion School Ranking list of the Business of Fashion in 2017. The units that I studied included; economy and finance, marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, strategic management, business research, buying & merchandising, HR, and fashion media.

Also, my dissertation focused on “How online luxury product descriptor cues affect the purchase intention of the millennial consumer?” and I am happy to share it with anyone just please contact me.

Alongside my studies, I gained experience through several internships by being a personal assistant to directors and later when I moved to London, I was a marketing and communications intern for a designer. Following these internships, I wanted to challenge myself a bit more, and I decided to search for internship opportunities in Japan, a country I always admired. I was lucky enough to earn a spot at an advertising and PR agency based in Tokyo that represented international and domestic fashion brands like Jotaro Saito, MCM, and Superga. These opportunities have given me plenty of chances to apply my knowledge in real life situations and I continue to do so until this day.

The professional services I offer include:

  • marketing consultancy
  • retail planning
  • consumer behaviour
  • people management
  • project management
  • fashion
  • e-commerce atmospherics
  • business planning

If you require further or in-depth information, please fill out the contact form.