Everybody needs time. We need time to do everything. You need time to make your coffee in the morning, to get dressed, to go from A to B, and I needed time to think. It is quite interesting how it flies by. At first, it was just a week, which then became a month and then a year. I am talking about the blog here.

I went to the Florida Keys recently for two weeks. When I arrived, the first week went by extremely fast. But I wasn’t doing anything. I woke up, made my coffee and went out to the dock and just sat there. It was an amazingly uplifting experience. Watching the water, the fish and the dolphins swimming around, seeing the sunset which is never the same and then this rush came upon me out of the blue. I need to write! – I said to myself and I took out my phone and couldn’t stop for about 3 hours. I wrote 3 poems. Three poems that I don’t remember writing. Maybe they are future music lyrics, I am not sure, but I was writing again. Then this idea got stuck in my mind. Writing. What am I writing? What should I write? The blog is there and it is still mine. Should I write something there? Maybe writing a short story is better? Or a novel? Everything? Yes, probably everything. But doing everything at the same time leads to nothing. So, I am back, well, sort of back. Posts will come irregularly and I am not planning to change that in the future and the topics I am going to write about are also divergent. After all, this my eclectic universe. 

A friendly reminder: Just write!


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