Why I’m Not Talking About Haute Couture?

Hey Everyone!

First of all, I know I said that I’m going to do two more posts about vocabulary but when I finished my research, I said – I don’t think this is needed.- Everyone knows what stilettoes and brogues are (hopefully). But one of my friends asked the question – Are you writing any posts on haute couture?- and my answer was no and here’s why.

Let me start off by telling you why I write about fashion shows. I write my reviews about the fashion shows because I feel confident and qualified enough to make opinions. I have been following ready to wear shows for about ten years, and when I got into uni, I also conducted a lot of research about the brands I am making those reactions about. With this in mind, I feel confident enough to make statements about the collections, but haute couture is a whole different story to me.

The first time I encountered this term was three years ago and when I heard it, I immediately hit the internet and to be honest, there was not much about it. Yes, there was all the information why haute couture is haute couture and the characteristics about it, but I don’t think three years is enough experience to make any conclusions about the collections and I want to be a 100% sure that when I post something here, it should represent how I truly think and feel about it. So yeah, that pretty much sums it up. However, I did ask some of my friends who do follow haute couture shows and their opinions were divergent.

They said that the previous haute couture shows were much better and this season the best show was Ralph and Russo and the most boring was Chanel. Their words, not mine. But I decided to dig a bit deeper into the history of haute couture so maybe you’ll see some of my thoughts on the upcoming seasons. Anyways, do you follow haute couture shows or you are more just a ready to wear person?

Hope all is good and see you next week,


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