Dealing with New Year’s resolutions

Hey Guys and Happy New year!!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. Today I am sharing with you my views on New Year’s resolutions. I think December is a very intense month. You have all the holidays happening and just when you can take a deep breath and relax, the New Year is just around the corner. So we start to reflect on everything we have done in the past year and we surely find something that we want to change in the upcoming year. This is also amplified probably by the people around you asking the question – “What is your resolution for the new year?”- it is like we are bound to have resolutions and we mostly do. Whatever that might be, let us be honest, you kickstart the year with motivation and you hit the gym, start something new, care more about your love life but after three months everything is gone because you don’t have the time or you just wanted faster results.

I think this problem is because of our mindset. I can’t even tell you how many resolutions I had and after a while, I was just like – I don’t care. But last year my resolution was different. I said – “I am not going to stress about my resolutions. I won’t put a time limit on my goals and I will not care about the pressure.” Then I have written down my goals and one of my main objectives was to lose weight. However, I did not hit the gym cause I get bored in minutes but I started to walk every day. As the time was passing, I just increased the distance I was walking and without even noticing it, I have lost a bunch of kilos in a year. And this happened while I was not stressing on this at all. So my advice for your resolutions is :

  • Do not stress about it
  • Do not put pressure on yourself
  • The beginning of the year is a good motivator but you have to remember that your resolutions are long-term plans
  • Enjoy yourself, it should not be painful and it should not feel as a burden
  • Starting a diary where you write every day can help to keep track of the progress

I wish that all of you start the new year with joy and happiness and good luck with your resolutions.

See you soon,


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