Dealing with writer’s block and finding inspiration

Hey Guys!

It has been a while. I hope all of you are doing well. When I looked at the blog today, I was shocked that my previous post was 22 days ago and this got me thinking. First of all, let me clear some air. I don’t just write posts here. I write short stories, longer ones that are still in the making and occasionally, I write music lyrics as well. So I began to think about the past three weeks and all the stuff I did, and the answer was there. I am probably encountering writer’s block. Writer’s block is something that you will experience if you write a lot. It is basically a state when you don’t have many ideas, you are out of inspiration and you just can’t write or if you do, it will be something very general. Also if you are a blogger, you would find it pretty hard to get inspiration. So this is what has been happening with me, but no worries, because I immediately thought that I should write a post about how to deal with it and also how to get inspiration when you are stuck. (this is not the first time I have writer’s block)

Tips to overcome writer’s block

  • stop for a bit and reflect, there’s nothing wrong if you need to take some time
  • don’t think about it too much, you’ll get lost
  • don’t panic, keep calm
  • read something you like – I like to read a lot of fiction. I think it just reopens the gates of creativity when they are locked
  • do something you normally wouldn’t do – I did some sketching
  • this might sound cheesy, but just don’t walk away from writing, everything will get back on track

Tips to get inspiration

Now whether you live in a busy city or a small town, there are ways to get inspiration out of anything

  • go for a long walk – No music, no texting, no friends, just go out and think
  • observe everything – the cars, the people, nature, the buildings
  • sit down for a nice meal even if you are alone
  • listen to some music – something you like and enjoy
  • cook something new – this is one of my favourite ones. sometimes I just go to the store and pick up a bunch of random stuff and then I try to combine them together and yes, occasionally I fail but that is just life
  • do a weekend getaway – it doesn’t have to be Paris or any major city. something you can afford
  • write down all the ideas that come to your mind

I know I have separated these tips but honestly, all the tips I mentioned work for both of these problems and I do not guarantee everything will work for you but I hope it helps a bit. At the end of the day, we are all different.

See you soon,


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