LV x Jeff Koons collaboration 2 plus I finally got the play CDG x Converse sneakers

Hey everyone!

No recipe today. Sorry but the university assignments are taking all of my time and I have been mostly surviving on meal deals from Tesco and Waitrose. Maybe I should do a meal deal post.

It has been a while since I wrote about fashion. Mainly because this is my final year at the university and that’s a priority. Anyway, I finally managed to sit down a bit and read about our beloved fashion industry and the news were everywhere; The Masters 2 collaboration is coming. Wow, I have to be honest. I already shared my views on the first collection, but I got to admit, it must have performed well in terms of sales cause that’s why we are getting a second one. What is really interesting to me is that since I study fashion, the university is filled with people who have new merchandise even sometimes before the release date and they are pretty much early adaptors when it comes to trends. Just think about Yeezys or the Supreme x LV collection, or the new Jadior bag. You can pretty much see it anywhere when you enter one of the many campuses throughout London. But I haven’t seen anyone wearing the masters collection. I’m just merely interested. Probably Jeff Koons fans and older customers are actually the ones who buy the collection. We will definitely see how this collection is performing.




Another update regarding some shopping. Drum roll, please. I finally got the Play CDG x Converse sneakers. It has been months I was constantly checking the Dover Street Market website. When I was in Japan, I was asking everyone at DSM if they have these sneakers, but of course, my size was not in stock. But finally, it is back in stock and I just received an email from DSM that the polka dot one is back as well. If you want these sneakers, I suggest you buy them quickly because they are selling super fast. They are comfy, in my opinion, they look cool and they retail for £95.

That’s it for today guys.

See you soon,





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