Okonomiyaki in Harajuku – Tokyo


Hey Guys! Are you ready to start the week with more food?

Hope your answer is yes. Today it is time to talk about okonomiyaki. Let’s talk about the origins before we carry on. Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake mixed with ingredients that you like. Actually, okonomiyaki means “grill what you like”. The basic dish is usually made out of pancake batter with cabbage, green onions, seafood, and dashi.

okonomi 4okonomi 5

Finding good okonomiyaki in Tokyo is very hard. This is because if you want to get  ‘real’ okonomiyaki, you should be looking at tickets to Osaka or Hiroshima because those are the regions where the dish originates from. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time required to go there, so after reviewing dozens of restaurants, we decided to go to Okonomiyaki Yai Yai in Harajuku.


okonomi 1

You will find restaurants that only specialise in different styles of okonomiyaki. One thing is sure, if you go to a good okonomiyaki restaurant, you will have a teppan (iron griddle) right at your table. Okonomiyaki places usually allow you to cook the okonomiyaki for yourself, but we didn’t have enough experience.

okonomi 2okonomi 3

First, we had the Hiroshima style okonomiyaki with kimchi, pork belly, and lots of green onions, and then we had the Osaka style one with seafood, cabbage, green onion, and ground pork. You guys might be wondering, what’s the difference? Don’t worry, I’ve got the answers.

Osaka style okonomiyaki is the most famous one. This is the type when you mix the ingredients into the batter and then you pan fry it as a pancake. At the end, you top it off with katsuobushi (dried shredded tuna) and mayo.

However, Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is when you cook all the ingredients separately and then you assemble everything, so it is like a layered pancake.

To be honest, both of the pancakes were crazy delicious.

Wishing everyone a nice week.

See you on Wednesday (yes, the post will be about food),

The Fashion Eclectic.




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