Dominique Ansel Bakery – A must visit when in Tokyo

Hey everyone! How are you doing?

Let’s start the week with a place recommendation. This weekend I went to the Dominique Ansel bakery with a couple of my friends. The bakery is one of the most talked about places nowadays. They make a lot of different cakes and sweet, but we went there for the special stuff. They are famous for their frozen S’more and they always have seasonal specialties. Now they have the what-a-melon soft serve and the creme de la corn soft serve. We went for the frozen s’more and the what-a-melon.

Thank you Yui – san for the video.


bakery 3

bakery 4

bakery 5

Everything was heaven, however the place is a bit pricey, especially the seasonal offer. You can find the bakery at two locations in Tokyo. The first is in Omotesando (this is where we went), and the second one was opened recently in Matsuya – a department store in Ginza. I would personally suggest that you go to the Omotesando one because it is a lot bigger. The one thing you have to prepare yourself for… THE QUEUE. We went there pretty early so we stood about 20 minutes but in the afternoon it was crazy. But if you love food and sweets, it is definitely worth going there. If you want to try something else besides these, try the cronut or their Tokyo only cake, the Paris Tokyo.


Paris Tokyo cake – “A twist on the traditional Paris Brest with matcha ganache and a soft passion fruit curd” 

Please do not ask for the cheesecake, it is just not that great and it is not the place to go to when you want cheesecake. Hope you will check this place out, I’ll leave the link to their website down below. Wishing you a wonderful week.

See you on Wednesday,

The Fashion Eclectic.




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