The Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingū)

Hello everyone!

Hope everything is well and you are doing something fun for the weekend. I am still enjoying Tokyo fully so it is time for another shrine post. By the way, Japan is filled with shrines and they are very beautiful. Make sure you visit some while you are here.


meiji 1

I think the best way to approach the shrine is from Harajuku station. You will see a big torii gate, the one on the picture actually and just follow the route. Torii gates are the indicators that there is a shrine nearby. The shrine itself is inside Yoyogi park, which gives a very forest like feeling considering the fact it is inside the city.


meiji 2

meiji 3

It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the shrine and you can see a lot of interesting things on the way there. These barrels on the picture are sake barrels. No, they are not filled with sake. When they are put out at a shinto shrine, you call them “kazaridaru” and they are donations and they serve as a symbol of bringing people and gods together.

meiji 4

meiji 5

The shrine was finished in 1920, and just as Sensō-ji, it was destroyed in the Second World War but then it got rebuilt. This shrine felt more sacred compared with the previous ones. Probably because of the environment. You forget that you are in a big city.


meiji 7

meiji 8

meiji 6

You can get your omikuji at the shrine, but I went for an ema. Ema are the small wooden prayers that you hang there and it is said that the priests – actually they are called kannushi- pray for them.


meiji 9

When you are done with the shrine, don’t leave. Head towards the inner garden. There is an entry fee of 400 yen but it is worth it. The inner garden is considered a spiritual spot with high energy levels because of Kiyomasa’s Well. You can definitely feel the serenity of the inner gardens when you go there.


meiji 10

meiji 12

meiji 13

That is it for today guys. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

See you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

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