The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace – Tokyo

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The upcoming weeks, I will be talking about Japan. Tokyo to be exact. I already posted some of my adventures and this will continue until I’m here. There will be food recommendations, places to go etc. A couple of days ago after I visited some museums, I decided to check out The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. There are quite a lot of places nearby. I would suggest you go to Kudanshita station and from there you can visit the:

Nippon Budokan – an indoor arena used for judo competitions and concerts

Science Museum – research the exhibitions before you go because most of the descriptions are in Japanese

The National Museum of Modern Art – definitely a must see if you like art


ipg 1

ipg 2

After you visited the above – mentioned places, you can head to the east gardens to have a nice walk or just to relax a bit. There is no entry fee however, they check your bags and you shouldn’t bring alcohol with you because drinking and smoking is prohibited. After all, we are talking about the Imperial Gardens.


ipg 3

ipg 4


The gardens are quite big, and you should check the map of the different routes and exits available. There are toilets and vending machines inside the gardens so don’t worry too much about drinks if you didn’t bring any. You can also find some locals hanging out there.


ipg 5

ipg 7

There is a very cute part of the gardens where they have lots of different plants and trees with explanation tablets which say the type and the breed of the plants. When you are finished with the gardens, take the exit towards Tokyo station. The area is filled with restaurants and coffee shops so you can have a nice meal.

Wishing you all a nice week.

See you on Wednesday,

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