Museums in Tokyo – Edo-Tokyo Museum

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I hope you had a fun week and now you are  enjoying the weekend. Tokyo is a great place to see, filled with museums, buildings etc. so you should definitely have Japan on your bucket list. Previously, I posted about Asakusa and the shrines. Today, I am posting about the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

edo 11edo 12

The museum is easily accessible and it s located right next to Ryogoku station. Ryogoku is also the district where everything that is related to sumo can be found there. Also, there is the Sumida Hokusai Museum, which is a beautiful modern building. Unfortunately, taking pictures was not allowed there. Back to the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

The Edo Tokyo Museum shows how Tokyo evolved during the centuries. Previously, its name was Edo. The exhibition first shows small recreated sites from the Edo period. Also, everything is explained in detail. How the government was working, where did people live, what kind of job were they doing, what was the Shogun’s duty, you can find all the answers there.


edo 1

edo 2

edo 3

After you go through the first part of the exhibition, you have to head downstairs where you can actually relive the old days. You find yourself wandering around the streets of Edo. You witness how the housing system was working, what kind of shops existed in the period, and there are some hand written books and some paintings as well.


edo 4

edo 7

edo 6

edo 8

edo 10

After you are finished with the Edo period, you can go towards the more modern days part. That part includes information about how Edo became Tokyo until you reach the present. Definitely worth coming to the museum.

The museum is very big, so allow yourself a plenty of time to enjoy the exhibition fully. If you feel a bit peckish, there are some restaurants and coffee shops on the ground floor. Hope this post made you curious and you will want to visit Japan.

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