First day in Tokyo – Japan

Hey Guys! How are you doing?

Finally, I made it to Tokyo! Sorry for not posting but preparing and packing everything for a month requires time. I arrived yesterday in the late afternoon and as soon as I had access to my accommodation, I went to bed and that was it. But today I already started visiting the sights the city offers.

I started at Asakusa, which is a district in Tokyo where some of the old days vibe survived, actually the district was very popular during the Edo period. Unfortunately, after it was bombed in the second World War, some of the places got lost and some were rebuilt. Today, Asakusa is famous for the shrines and temples in it. Probably the most known is Sensō-ji, a huge Buddhist temple. This is not the only one though. There is the Asakusa shrine right next to Sensō-ji, the Mitsumine Shrine, the Hōzōmon gate, and a five store pagoda. There are much more actually but I could just go on and on with the names. Here are some pictures.

japan 1


japan 3

japan 9

japan 6

japan 4

japan 8


japan 7

Taking pictures inside the Sensō-ji was not allowed so you have to go and see it for yourselves. You can get your o-mikuji (おみくじ) – paper fortunes that are sold mostly for 100 yen – but don’t expect just good fortune, you can be cursed as well. Don’t worry, if you get a bad luck blessing, just tie the paper onto the wooden stand where you got it. This means you are leaving it behind on the sacred ground.

After Asakusa, I made my way to the Tokyo Skytree, a tower that is used by broadcasting networks and now it has restaurants or you can just observe the view. I think it is actually around 640 meters tall and I read that it is the tallest tower in the world. It is very big.

japan 11

japan 12

I didn’t go up because I still have some problem with heights and also the ticket was expensive I think. After I saw the Skytree, I went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum but I will write a separate post about it and it will be available on Saturday. That is it for today, wishing you a nice week.

See you on Saturday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

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