Hey Guys! How are you doing?

This has been a crazy week filled with fun, traveling, and family time. Sorry for the Wednesday post but I completely forgot to schedule it. I have been thinking about the cooking Wednesdays for a while now and as much as I love cooking, I can’t find the place to do it. I am spending time with my friends and family and we usually go out. For this reason, I am going to leave the cooking posts for the summer and they will continue when I’m back in London around the end of August. Instead of those posts, I think I’m going to post about traveling or more about fashion. Sorry if any of you feel a bit down about this, but don’t worry those posts will be back I promise.

To say something good as well, I can finally tell you that I will be going to Tokyo for 5 weeks. I’m going to do my best to capture everything about it and share it with you, and it is going to be heavy on food I’m sure.

Hope your summer is going well and you are having fun.

See you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

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