Fashion magazines I read

Hey everyone! Are you ready to start the week?


Today we are talking about fashion magazines. To be exact, the fashion magazines I like to read. Let’s start.


British Vogue

We all know that Vogue is the fashion bible and somehow even if you don’t like it, you will have a couple of issues. Vogue focuses really on high-fashion, trends, celebrities. Sometimes you can get more artsy articles but these are not the focus. It’s got good editorial and I just like to read the articles when I have some free time. It is heavy on advertising, but which magazine is not.


British GQ

I would say that GQ is the fashion bible for men, at least that’s what I think. It is not just about fashion though. You get place recommendations, workout tips, style advice, technology,  and politics. That’s the only downside of the magazine to me, sometimes it is heavy on politics, but I just skip those articles. I really enjoy reading the Karma policeman articles. These articles are fairly new I think but they are discussing themes that are taboo to most men. For example in the July articles title is – Is it wrong to go on a protest march to find a girlfriend?



Dazed is aimed more towards the youth. There is a lot of androgyny going on in terms of representations, but I think Dazed actually broke a lot of gender stereotypes throughout the years. Inside the magazine, you will find fashion, culture, and arts. They also have a more artistic approach towards fashion, which I like.


i – D

Actually i – D is pretty similar to Dazed in my opinion. They cover fashion, music, culture, and arts. They also have that artsy approach towards fashion. One thing probably that I notice is that they rather represent gender in a more traditional way. There is some gender bending, but there is more in Dazed.


There you go guys. These are the magazines that I usually go for. Tell me which magazines do you like? There are so many out there.

I will be back on Wednesday with another recipe.

See you,

The Fashion Eclectic.

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