Got some new goods

Hey, Guys! How are you doing?


Today I am here to show you my new wardrobe pieces for summer. Summer is just around the corner and even here in London, the weather is amazing. A week ago when the warm weather started to kick in, I realised that I don’t have any summer clothes. I didn’t have shorts at all. I usually go home for the summer to visit my family and friends but now my university term is a bit longer. So, I went to look at ASOS and Mr.Porter (this is where I usually do my shopping) to get some stuff. Here’s what I got.

new stuff

Stüssy – £180 – from Mr.Porter

I know that having florals for warm weather is a groundbreaking idea, but yes, I do love florals, and I think this year’s trends very much support having prints, patterns etc. in your wardrobe. I absolutely love this shirt and its material is very interesting. It is made out of rayon and its touch is so unique.


new stuff 2

Small floral print shorts £25 – ASOS

Another floral print piece. These are just some fun tailored shorts. Good for the beach or to the park. Super comfy.


new stuff 3

Palm print jersey shorts £18 – ASOS

A pink palm print jersey short. Probably this one is my favourites. Guys, do not be afraid of wearing pink. It is so two thousand whatsoever to say that pink is for girls. Mr.Porter has a whole edit on wearing pink. Go and check it out, I will link it below.

That’s it for today, I hope you will be inspired and get something nice for yourselves.

See you on Wednesday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

Click here for Mr.Porters pink edit.

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