Clearing some air. What’s my blog about?

Hey everyone and happy Saturday!

It has been already a month since I started this site. It’s just crazy how time flies so fast. As my blog reaches out to more and more people, I noticed that I should clear some things around it, because a lot of my distant friends started asking – So what is your blog really about? Is it about fashion, cooking, style advice?

Now the answer is simple. It is about everything. This blog usually covers my daily interests, which are fashion and  cooking. I am studying fashion and since I was little I loved cooking, so I tried to post something about these each week. Of course, my interests don’t stop here, so probably you may see videos of me singing, or city guides, or whatever will pop into my mind in the future.

Yes, fashion is and will be the main theme, but that’s why we are eclectic and having more interests and hobbies just broadens your personality. I hope this answers the questions you might ask when looking at my page.

See you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

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