What about espadrilles?

Hey everyone! How are you doing?


Today I thought I talk about espadrilles. Espadrilles have been around for hundreds of years. They acted as footwear for peasants, and now all the brands out there have them in their Spring/Summer collections. They are usually made of cotton, canvas fabric and their sole is made out of a rope called “esparto”. But are they worth the price?


Personally, I love espadrilles. They are comfortable, look good so they are a perfect choice for summer. The only problem you should be concerned about is the sole. If it gets wet, it will start to fall apart. Now the two espadrilles you see on the picture are from Jimmy Choo and YSL. I got them last year around May and I wore them all through last years summer. They were quite pricey but I really wanted to try designer espadrilles compared to fast fashion ones.


They certainly look better, but no matter what the price, the sole will be a problem if you do not pay attention. I am planning to get a new pair and I’ve found this Spanish brand called Castañer – https://www.castaner.com/es-es/

They make footwear for men and women as well, and their pricing is not that bad either. Hopefully, they will be worth the price.

My advice to you is that try espadrilles but don’t go for the most expensive ones if it’s your first time. A lot of my  friends complain when they buy a pair of expensive espadrilles and they end up ruined that they are not worth the price. Like I said, you should look after these types of footwear.

There you go guys, What are your thoughts on espadrilles?

See you on Wednesday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

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