The Cruise/Resort Collections

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well and ready for this cruise/resort collection review. As I mentioned last week, I waited for some other cruise/resort collections to happen so that I could write a bit longer post this time. Let’s get down to it.


First things first, Prada Resort 2018. The show took place at the Fondazione Prada’s new space that exhibits photography in Milan. When I saw the collection, I said – This does not look like a typical cruise/resort collection that I am used to seeing. This is because a cruise/resort collection is about leisure, with that in mind, you won’t expect to see models walking down the catwalk in activewear. This collection was heavy on modern sportswear, but what I liked is the let’s call it original Prada fabric, the nylon. This sort of gave me some nostalgia when I first saw the iconic nylon bags in a Prada store.  This time, this material was used to create tops and bottoms as well. It is not a usual cruise/resort collection but probably that’s what it’s going to make it memorable.

Click here if you want to watch the show.



I am always excited to see what the next theme for a Chanel show is going to be. The official name of this cruise/resort show – that was held at the Grand Palais in Paris – was The Modernity of Antiquity. The setting looked like a remain of an ancient greek temple. The collection featured all sorts of pieces from pants, skirts, jumpsuits, tunics and I could go on and on listing the silhouettes and materials as well. The show featured 85 different looks so there was a lot of processing while I watched it. The ancient greek and mythological references came through but you could still feel the modern vibe as well. Way to go, Chanel, can’t wait to see the next one.

Click here for the show



Now I was curious what we’re going to see with Dior, because this was the first cruise collection of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the new creative director of the brand, and as I was expecting a lot of people had objections with the collection. Some comments were made that it looks like the Chanel Dallas show or that actually there is nothing Dior about it. Honestly, when a new creative director is appointed, you will see some changes in the designs. You can see it with Balenciaga and Gucci as well, so just give yourself a brake. As a new creative director, you would want to reshape the brand a bit. The theme of the wild west and the native prints actually looked great I think, but we’ll see how Chiuri will do with the upcoming collections.

Click here for the show



When I found out the show was going to be in Japan, I already knew this is going to be great, because I am a huge fan of Japan as Nicholas Chesquiere is. The show was at the Miho Museum near Kyoto. There were lots of Japanese references like traditional prints, kabuki illustrations, and some samurai heads combined with the iconic LV monogram, leather and leopard prints. This collection is my absolute favourite at the moment. A great work.

Click here for the show.


That’s it for today, please do comment and share. What are your thoughts about the shows?

See you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

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