My thoughts on the Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons collaboration

Hey, Guys! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the weekend.

Today I just felt like sharing my thoughts about the new Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons collaboration, which polarised the fashion world.

We all know Louis Vuitton as one of the leading luxury fashion houses in the world. This year they don’t hold back with collaborations. First the collaboration with Supreme, a New York city-based brand, and now with Jeff Koons. You may know Jeff Koons for his Gazing Ball paintings or the stainless steel balloon animals. He is an established artist since the start of his career from the mid-1980’s working with mostly pop culture.

The collaboration is called Masters and includes leather bags and accessories with reprints of famous paintings by the Old Masters like Da Vinci and Van Gogh. The collection is supposed to present these artworks “in a way that encourages new interpretation”. In the official interview on Louis Vuitton’s web page, Koons says – ” I would hope that when somebody walks down the street with this that what they are doing is they are really celebrating humanity”.
When I first saw the interview, my first thought was that this is such a great idea. I do like the idea of reproducing the old iconic paintings and give them a new personal meaning with the wearer, but then I did some research. I went through the comments on Facebook and other social media sites and I found this collection really polarised the audience. Either you hate it or love it. It’s like talking about foods like cilantro or liquorice. Somehow my opinion is in the middle. As I mentioned previously, the idea is great, however, if I look at the bags, it gives me the feeling that I am walking down on a street full of souvenir shops filled with Mona Lisa merchandise. Also, the JK monogram feels a bit odd next to the original LV one.

One thing I want to make clear, this is not a hate post and I am not trying to mock the brand or the artist. Art is supposed to have an impact on you, either positive or negative. This time the impact on me was a bit down, but by the end of the day, if you feel you love the collection and the message resonates with you, that’s all that matters. I will put the link down below for the interview if you want to watch it, also what are your thoughts about the collection? Please do comment and share.

Click here if you want to find out more about the collection.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I will be back on Monday with another outfit post.

See you on Monday,

The Fashion Eclectic.

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