About the blog

Hello and welcome to My Eclectic Universe!

If you have been following my activity in the past months, you may know me as the fashion eclectic but that ship is gone. Before going into the details allow me to introduce myself. My name is Abel Csekes and I am a fashion student studying at the London College of Fashion.

I created this blog to share my lifestyle with the world. The reason why I love to use the term Eclectic is that I think it really represents me and my personality. Mostly people have one thing they are passionate about, but somehow that is not enough for me. I love fashion that’s why I’m studying it, I also love cooking and I do it every day, and I love traveling around the world and visiting new places. I am using love because there is no order between these interests of mine. They are the foundation of my universe and what else can bind these different devotions of mine together…well of course it is writing.

I am trying to publish as frequently as I can. These posts are usually about outfits, fashion show reviews, recipes, place recommendations etc. So if I caught your attention, please go ahead and explore

My Eclectic Universe!